Understanding Your Roof Replacement

baton rouge roof replacement
It is a wise decision to do your due diligence when making an investment to replace your roof. Finding a reputable roofer is part of that investment. And the better the roofer the greater your return. The University of Harvard study states that 70% of roofers go out of business within the first three years. Well that is certainly not enough time to honor any type of roofing warranty. The better equipped you are with roofing knowledge the better job you will do in choosing the right company.

The Roofing Components

Do not let your roofer cut corners. Be in the know and understand the components involved in a complete roofing system. here is what you need to know:
  • Leak Barrier: This is an important component that if skipped will certainly lead to leaks. In fact if not installed correctly you can almost guarantee a leak. The leak barrier is installed where roof pitches and or valleys meet. This barrier is installed a minimum of 6 feet up your roof-line from the edge of the roof at gutter/eaves (which is code), down valleys (where two roofing planes intersect), around the chimney, at the intersection of a roof plane and a vertical wall, and around any penetration through the roof-line (soil stacks, vents, fans, skylights, etc).
  • Underlayment: more commonly recognized as black felt paper is installed on all exposed roof decking. Today there are new technologies to choose from. Various types of underlayment provide greater strength and prolong the life of the wood decking underneath.
  • Starter Strips: another very important component. The starter strips are installed along the roof line and prevent water from blowing in underneath the shingles. 
  • Ventilation: all components are critical but the ventilation on your roof is the single most important component of the roofing system. Proper ventilation provides longevity to your wood decking and every other roofing component. Even more critical than this, proper ventilation helps to provide for a healthy home and can even have a positive effect on your heating and cooling bill.
  • Shingle Cap: this is one of the most commonly overlooked components. This special shingle is manufactured specifically for different grade of shingles. It covers the peaks of your roof, enhances the roof’s look and validates the roofing system’s warranty. 
It is important to understand all of the roofing components. This allows you to visually witness the materials that are being used on your roof. I have seen roofing companies promise to replace an entire roof and then when it came time to do the work, they attempted to only replace the shingles which are the most noticeable. Shady practices are used everyday to swindle honest home owners. Arm yourself with good information and reduce the chances of someone taking advantage of you.