What Does Storm Damage on a Roof Look Like?

Living in Louisiana, everyone knows how to sit out a storm. Especially during the months of June to November, when intense rain and hurricanes come our way. But sometimes there are forces outside your control that you just can’t prepare for.  And storm damage is the perfect example. The winds could be too strong or debris could fly your way, damaging shingles and the wood underneath. We at Ryson Roofing want the best for our clients and won’t sugarcoat when a roof is so damaged that it needs replacing. Helping you through the process is our priority, so we’ve comprised a few tips to keep in mind when dealing with potential storm damage.

Positives Of Obvious Storm Damage

It may not feel like it, but it’s better when storm damage is visible than when it’s not. The sooner you can catch damage, the sooner it can be handled. Obvious signs include missing or damaged shingles. This may not seem like a big problem, but now the elements can reach the inner layers of the roof. Storm, debris, and sun damage are in your future if you leave these problems to fester.

Look In Your Attic After A Big Storm

Roof damage isn’t always visible on the outside. Hidden damage caused by debris or high force winds is a silent killer, causing more damage over time. So it’s imperative that you check your attic for any signs of storm damage as soon as possible. These damages present itself often as leaks or water damage. Check the ceiling of your attic for any water stains, or even on the walls in the case of drips. 

Water doesn’t seem like a big problem, but it could lead to much larger, and more expensive, ones. Leaving a consistent drip in your roof makes for a perfect breeding ground for:

  • Mold. 
  • Wood Rot.
  • Termites and Other Pests.

Do yourself a favor and check your attic after every big storm. Catching water damage before it causes more problems will save you a lot of money and time in the future. In the event of water damage, call our professionals in to give you a quick repair.

Moving Forward With Ryson

It’s no small fact that a roof only lasts a certain amount of time. But now getting a roof replacement is at a small fraction of the cost. Our process is pretty straightforward.

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  • Our professionals come to your home and performs your free inspection
  • Once the damage is assessed, you’re given a recommendation on whether or not to file a homeowners insurance claim or not. 
  • If so, we help the owner with the claim process. The only out of pocket cost is the cost of the deductible, which is usually $500-$2000. Most roof replacements cost around $15k to $35k.
  • If the homeowner agrees to proceed, we negotiate with the insurance company, make the claim, and proceeds with the plans.

Simple, right? And a whole lot cheaper than other overpriced roofing companies. Protect your home in the calm after the storm by calling Ryson Roofing for a free inspection.