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Hail Storm Roof Replacement | Baton Rouge

I noticed several homes in my neighborhood having their roofs replaced. I heard my neighbor talking about hail storm roof replacement. So I called my insurance company and they sent an adjuster to my home to inspect my roof for hail damage. Even though my roof looked perfectly fine to me, I still decided to be 100% certain and let my insurance company take a look. When the insurance adjuster came down from my roof, he said I needed an entire new roof. I was shocked, I did not see any damage. But somehow my insurance company’s adjuster seen enough damage to warrant a complete roof replacement.

Hail Storm Roof Replacement, Nothing To Play With

After the hail storm I learned a lot about hail and wind. Both can do a lot of damage to your roof. The damage from hail is not noticeable to the untrained eye. When hail hits asphalt shingles it wipes away the protective barrier of the shingle exposes the raw roofing material underneath. Months after a hail storm as the weather changes and the hot and cold begin to set on the damaged shingles, the shingles will stretch and contract and will give way to water. The water then works its way into the home and causes more damage. Hail storm roof replacement is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with immediately after a storm.

Replace Your Roof

Once roof damage was located by the insurance adjuster, I had to make a decision. To replace my roof or not. I was responsible for a two thousand dollar deductible and after I received my first insurance check, I needed to make a decision on my roof. For starters once a claim has been filed you normally have approximately 6 months to replace the roof. if the roof is not replaced then you will lose your depreciation forever. In addition if additional damage occurs from the faulty roof, you will not be insured and if another storm were to come and blow half of your roof off of your home, the damage would not be insured.

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