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hail damaged roof repairMost of us can easily understand that living by the coast brings a higher probability of bad weather. It may surprise you to find out that most of the bad weather in Louisiana did not come from the coast but instead was a result of late afternoon or early evening thunderstorms. These thunderstorms can include high winds and large hail that can easily damage any roof and other roofing systems. State Farm Insurance issued a report that listed Louisiana in the top ten states for hail damaged claims. And when you have hail damage claims you are certainly going to have a large number of hail damaged roof repair. The report was included as part of a story filed by the Louisiana Radio Network. And although these storms certainly create a demand for hail damaged roof repair, its important to focus on the safety of you and your family. here are some good tips on what do do before, during and after a storm.

Louisiana Storms

Before the storm:When you know a storm is brewing, take time to gather items laying around in your yard. Miscellaneous lumber, rakes and other tools, lawn equipment, toys and anything that the wind can pick up and launch threw a window. Bring your pets inside. Put all vehicles and boats in a sheltered area. Close the blinds and or drapes.

During the storm: During the storm you want to try to be indoors. Stay away from windows, hail and or wind can crash through a window sending glass flying. Try to not take a shower or a bath during a storm. And if you have a land line telephone avoid making phone calls. If you know you are in a tornado, make sure to crack a couple of windows to allow the pressure inside of the house to escape.

After the storm: After any storm you want to do a visual walk around of your home and see if you can locate any damage. Look for shingles that have been blown away or are curling. Look for any debris that can cause harm to people or your roof. Go into your attic and look for wet areas.

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