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Who Pays The Insurance Deductible?

Roofing Insurance Deductibles

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With most insurance claims, its pretty clear who is responsible to pay the insurance company’s deductible. If you are in a car accident you know you will pay the insurance deductible and the insurance company will pay anything needed to recover your vehicle above and beyond your deductible. Deductibles are in place to prevent filing claims that are small loss. For example you would not file an insurance claim if you had a cracked windshield and a $500 deductible. This deductible in this case is in place to hold the policy holder responsible for losses up to the dollar value of the deductible. In addition deductibles keep people from filing fraudulent claims. Your deductible also is a well calculated number that more than likely saves you on premium dollars. Your deductible basically states that up to a certain dollar amount you are financially capable of accepting a loss and beyond that dollar amount your insurance company will accept the loss.

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Often times people look for a way out of paying their deductible when it applies to a roofing claim. This practice is unfair to your insurance company. Your deductible played a role in determining what your premium would cost. So if you find a roofer to install a roof less than what the insurance company is willing to pay, then guess what, you still pay the exact same deductible and the insurance company pays less for the claim. Otherwise, you have to pretend or lie when you submit the final invoice to the insurance company for the full amount. This practice is deceptive and anyone willing to lie is not someone I would trust with my roof. People, pay your deductibles and appreciate a good company that is willing to do the work and wait on the insurance company money.

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Ryson Roofing located in Baton Rouge Louisiana is your best choice for roof replacement and roof repair. Ryson Roofing specializes in insurance claims and over the years Ryson has developed a seamless process that can make the entire roof claim experience much more pleasant. We are here to help you get a new roof. Call us today!


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