Searching for roof inspections in Lafayette?

It’s no mystery that summertime in Louisiana is equal parts hot and rainy. This doesn’t even include hurricane season, which brings the threat of more tropical storms and hurricanes. All of this stormy weather can be frustrating, and even worse, it can cause major damage to your roof.

Did you know that we serve areas beyond Baton Rouge? We offer roof inspections to over 20 areas in Louisiana, including Lafayette! Now’s the time to keep up with the integrity of your roof. Roof damage often leads to serious issues like leaks, mold, and even pest infestations. Lucky for you, Ryson Roofing offers free roof inspections! Discover what we can do for you and get your own roof inspections for your Lafayette home.

Inspection Vs. Estimate

Roof inspections and roof estimates are often confused with one another. It’s important to know the difference before putting in your request. So, what is the difference between an estimate and an inspection? The answer is timing.

  • Inspection: Roofing experts perform inspections to scope out the state of your roof. Inspectors check for things like missing shingles, hail damage, and skylight sealing. After an inspection is performed, an estimate for the repairs can be made.
  • Estimates: Estimates are done after you’ve already identified what kind of damage your roof has. A roof estimate is more like an itemized list of repairs and materials needed to fix your roof.

What do we check for during an inspection?

That question is easy. When one of our trained roofing experts performs an inspection, they check for a multitude of things. Inspections are an opportunity to locate any damage you may or may not have known about. At Ryson Roofing, we check for the following:

  • Attic conditions
  • Deformities and Corrosion
  • Water leaks and staining
  • Secure, missing, buckling, or curled shingles
  • Skylight sealing
  • Chimneys, vents, and any other structural damage
  • Weather damage

You may be asking yourself right now, “How is it done?” Ryson uses state-of-the-art technology like infrared scanners and aerial photography. These tools help to deliver highly accurate results to you. Once the roof inspection is complete, our inspectors review their findings. This will help determine what your best options are moving forward.

When Should I Get an Inspection?

Your roof is your home’s first line of defense. Since it’s protecting your home 24/7, it’s important to know how good or bad of shape it’s in. Here’s a pro tip! Take preventative measures instead of waiting for visible signs of damage to appear. Has your roof been inspected by a professional on a regular basis? It’s free, so why not? Another good time to get your roof inspected is after a big storm. Weather damage is one of the biggest causes of roof damage. After any big storm, it’s a good idea to let a professional come out and assess any damages your home may have endured. Did we mention that we’re insurance claim specialists as well? Ryson Roofing uses the same software as insurance companies. The Xactimate software makes it more likely to get your claim approved!

Are You in Lafayette And Looking For A Roof Inspection?

Roof damage is no joke, and Ryson can help you identify and fix any damages or repairs you may need. So, what are you waiting for? Ryson serves over 20 locations in South Louisiana, including Lafayette! Inspections are easy, and most importantly, free. Request an inspection online or give us a call if you have any questions.