Roofing companies St Francisville is a term that someone might search if they were in need of a roofer and they were living in St Francisville Louisiana. St Francisville Louisiana is a small area just north of Baton Rouge. The approximate population in this rural area is just under 1800 with approximately 450 households.

Louisiana has many beautiful areas and St. Francisville is certainly one of those areas. There are many rolling hills, amazing trees, and historical sites. If you are looking to get away from the everyday hustle and bustle of city life, then St Francisville just might be a perfect location for you.

Roofing in St Francisville

Most of the buildings and homes located in St Francisville are older construction. These roofs have seen many storms and lots of hail. Ryson Roofing understands that if you are seeking roofing companies in St Francisville then you are looking for a local roofer with a good reputation. Ryson Roofing has a location in Baton Rouge which is just a short drive from St Francisville. We can quickly accommodate any roofing need whether emergency or not. Our staff has the experience you need when you want to solve your roofing companies in St Francisville issues. We know how important a good roof is, and for that reason, we are here to serve the St Francisville community.

St Francisville History

The town of St. Francisville was established in 1809, and a number of historic structures from that period still exist. Called “the town two miles long and two yards wide” because it was developed atop a narrow ridge overlooking the Mississippi River, it was the commercial and cultural center of the surrounding plantation country. Below St. Francisville’s bluffs, another early settlement called Bayou Sara had been established in the early 1790s and was at one time the largest antebellum Mississippi River port between New Orleans and Memphis. Destroyed by repeated flooding and fires, nothing exists of Bayou Sara today, but a few of its structures were hauled up the hill into St. Francisville in the 1920s.

Years of contention as to exactly where the eastern boundary of the 1803 Louisiana Purchase was — depending on which treaty was cited; as France, Great Britain, and Spain shifted the territory amongst themselves during the second half of the 18th century — allowed Spain to continue to claim territory on the eastern side of the Mississippi River (after Britain ceded West Florida in 1783, at the end of the American Revolutionary War), which region is today called the Florida Parishes.

In 1810, St. Francisville served as the capital of the Republic of West Florida, when the local planters ousted the Spanish government and set up their own independent republic for 74 days, before being annexed to the Territory of Orleans, as a possession of the United States.

In 1824, when Feliciana Parish was split into East and West, St. Francisville became the seat of West Feliciana Parish’s government.

In June 1863, Confederate Army officer William Walter Leake arranged for the burial of Union Navy officer John E. Heart, who had died aboard his ship while taking part in the Union blockade of the Mississippi River; the event is re-enacted every June during a three-day commemoration called “The Day the War Stopped.”

After the American Civil War, some Jewish emigrants fleeing religious persecution in Germany arrived and made important contributions to commerce in the lean years, providing credit when the banks failed and building impressive Victorian homes such as the Wolf-Schlessinger House, now the St. Francisville Inn Bed and Breakfast.

In recent years, community efforts have focused on the restoration and preservation of the town’s historic homes. St. Francisville is a popular tourist destination, with a number of restored historic plantations open daily for tours, including Rosedown Plantation State Historic Site, Audubon State Historic Site, Butler Greenwood Plantation, The Myrtles, The Cottage Plantation, and Greenwood Plantation, as well as several antebellum gardens. (Read More)

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