Roofing companies Ponchatoula are ready to serve the local community with all the roofing needs. Ponchatoula is a beautiful little city located just south of HWY 12 near Baton Rouge. In the roofing industry, there are some specific codes that apply to all roofs being replaced or repaired in this area.

The frequency of storms, the duration of storms and the high impact of storms south of HWY 12 have influenced some strict guidelines for local roofers. Roofing companies Ponchatoula have to pay close attention to every detail when installing both residential roofs and commercial roofs. Cutting corners is devastating and can cause expensive consequences for the home owner. When you are seeking roofing companies Ponchatoula you want to be certain that you choose a company that can work within the guidelines provided by the state. In addition you want to be certain the roofer you choose has the wherewithal to finish the project and not cut corners. Ryson Roofing has the experience you need for all your roofing needs.

History of Ponchatoula

Ponchatoula was established as a mining camp in 1820, and incorporated as a town on February 12, 1861. William Akers was the city’s first mayor, and is credited with founding the town, establishing it on land he purchased from the federal government in 1832. At the turn of the 20th century Ponchatoula changed its main export from lumber to commercial farming. Nearly every family farmed in some form. The main produce was the strawberry of which the town grew so much it earned the nickname “The Strawberry Capital” or “Strawberry Capital of The World”. The families that were major farmers during this era that lasted for eighty years have their last names engraved on a large plaque in front of the city hall. During the 1980s the city’s economy changed to tourism when farming stopped bringing enough money to sustain the town. The mayor at the time devised a plan to open antique shops where former businesses used to be. There are still about six of these shops open today. This also earned the town a second nickname being “The Antique City”.

The Strawberry Festival’s roots go back to when farmers joined to sell the spring harvest of strawberries. It wasn’t until Ponchatoula changed from farming to tourism, however, when this gathering became a festival. Today the festival is the second largest in the state, only second to Mardi Gras.

Ponchatoula is a name signifying “falling hair” or “hanging hair” or “flowing hair” from the Choctaw Pashi “hair” and itula or itola “to fall” or “to hang” or “flowing”. The Indian name Ponchatoula means “flowing hair”, arrived at by the Indians as a way of expressing the beauty of the location, with much moss hanging from the trees. “Ponche” is an Indian word meaning location, object, or person. The name is eponymous with the Ponchatoula Creek, which flows from points north of the city and into the Natalbany River southwest of the city. See Ponchatoula CreekUSS Ponchatoula (AOG 38), and USS Ponchatoula (AO 148). (Read More)

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