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Make Sure Your Roofing Is Winter-Ready

Roof Winter-Ready

It’s no secret. Louisiana is a hit or a miss when it comes to winter weather. Some years we have a warm winter with little to no extreme weather. In other years it feels like the polar vortex is sitting right on top of us ushering in boundless blizzards of sleet and ice. It’s imperative you prepare your roof for the months to come. This maintenance process is known as winterization and is an important part of owning a home in Louisiana.

Perhaps you’re new to Louisiana, maybe you’ve just purchased your first home, or maybe you’re just unsure how to properly prepare your roof for the winter to come. All of these are good reasons to contact one of the professionals at Ryson Roofing. Ryson Roofing offers free inspections to help you determine if your roofing is indeed winter-ready. Enlisting the help of the experts at Ryson can help you ensure your roofing is winter-ready.

What We Look For In A Winter Roof Inspection

Winter roof inspections differ from standard inspections in a few key ways. In the cold winter months, water turns to ice, which can cause a whole range of roof issues. During a winter inspection, Ryson Roofing checks for issues that could result in the buildup of ice on your roof. They also look for broken tiles or breeches where your home might be exposed to the elements.

Ice Dams & Drainage Systems

During the winter months, water that doesn’t run off into your gutters builds up and freezes. Standing water on any part of your roof has the potential to expand while frozen. This process has the potential to cause severe damage to your roof. Expanding ice can cause holes in your roof and expose your home to the elements. That’s where your gutters come in. Your gutters’ job is to provide an exit strategy for most forms of precipitation. If your gutters are clogged it’s imperative to find out the underlying cause and address the problem. Standing water on the roof can warp tiles and cause structural damage as well as the aforementioned complications with freezing.

Roof Leaks

Due to water freezing and expanding, the damage from roof leaks can compound exponentially in the winter months. If there are watermarks in your home, or if you noticed clogged or slow-draining gutters, it’s crucial to address these issues. Standing water weakens shingles and can compromise the integrity of your roof and, consequently, your home. A leaking roof also means outside air is getting in—increasing your energy bill.

Ready Your Roof For The Winter Weather

Whether you’re worried about your roofing in Prairieville or the surrounding areas, Ryson Roofing offers absolutely free roof inspections. Ryson Roofing utilizes state-of-the-art technologies such as infrared scanners and aerial photography to find and detect problems with your roof. These technologies can identify problems such as deformities, corrosion, structural damage, and missing shingles. You don’t want to wait until it’s sleeting outside to find out you have an attic full of ice. Contact or call us today, our experts are standing by.


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