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Your Spring Roof Maintenance Checklist

Spring Roof Maintenance Checklist

No matter if you’re a veteran homeowner or new to it all, it’s easy to forget that your roofing system needs some TLC from time to time. As the weather warms and spring comes into full bloom it’s vital to check if your roof made it through winter in one piece. From winter storms and icy buildups, the winter seasons can bring undue hardships upon your roof. Even a warmer place like Louisiana. That’s why the experts at Ryson Roofing have put together a spring maintenance checklist. Because we’re here to help with all your roofing concerns.

Tackle Your Gutters

The first and most important step on your spring maintenance checklist is to clean out those gutters. Chances are, after the winter months, your gutters are clogged up with old, molding leaves. These leaves and debris clog your gutters and make it difficult for water to drain off your roof. Instead, you might end up with pooling when it rains which can cause more problems, such as foundation damages. It might feel like a never-ending job but it’s one of the most important steps you can take to ensure your roof’s health. Once you’ve successfully cleaned your gutters, check for any damage. Make sure there is no sagging, no holes, and you’re not missing any pieces.

Inspect Your Roof

While cleaning out your gutters, take a good look at the roof of your home for signs of roof damage. This could range anywhere from curled or buckling shingles to missing shingles altogether. These compromised shingles leave your roof vulnerable to the elements. Once a roof is jeopardized, damage can spread exponentially, making a small issue to a whole disaster. If you notice any shingles are damaged, call a roofing expert to assess the situation. If you’re looking for help with your roofing in Slidell or the surrounding areas, call Ryson Roofing! After all, you deserve help from the best.

Clear Out Those Vents

Just like your gutters, be sure to clean out your ventilation systems. Making sure your vents aren’t blocked helps keep your house cool in the summertime. On the other hand, as outside temperatures start to soar, your home needs ventilation to help regulate the inside temperature. If you don’t know where these are, these vents are typically found under the rafters in your attic. Sometimes they’re on the far sides of the home’s attic as well. This ventilation is essential for keeping air flowing through your home. Make sure they’re unimpeded and allow air to circulate.

Call A Roofer In Slidell

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Slidell or the surrounding areas—Ryson Roofing is here to cover all your roofing needs. We’re here to help, so if you’ve noticed any roof damage during your inspection don’t hesitate to give us a call. Our experts can help you with a full range of roofing services. So if you’re looking for a roofer in Slidell or the surrounding area, contact or call us today. Also, make sure to take advantage of our completely free roof inspection and nip any problems in the bud. Take care of your roofing problems with the experts!


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