Find out if your roof has proper ventilation from the best roofer in New Orleans.

Although your roof might look fine from the outside, that doesn’t mean all is well. Have you noticed a temperature difference in various parts of your home? This could be a sign that your home isn’t properly ventilated. Inadequate roof ventilation might not seem like a big deal, but it can cause many problems that will drain the bank. If you think your roof might have poor ventilation, contact an expert roofer for the job. Have them come out to do an inspection. If you’re in New Orleans or the surrounding areas, our roofers at Ryson Roofing can perform a FREE inspection

Problems Poor Ventilation Can Cause

During the colder months, your home’s warmer air rises into the attic. If your attic isn’t ventilated, excessive moisture can build up on the underside of your roof. This can lead to problems like mold growth and other home damage. Also, as we move into the warmer months, you might notice your energy bill spike. Poor roof ventilation can increase your energy costs. It can also cause significant damage both inside and outside of your home. This leads to problems like mold growth and other roof damage. These issues can compound further into some of the following issues.

Excessive Temperatures In Home

If your roof doesn’t have proper ventilation, heat can get trapped inside your roof in two ways. 

  • The sun beams down on your roof causing the air inside your roof to heat while being unable to escape. 
  • Heat from inside your home also rises to the roof. 

According to the U.S FHA, temperatures in your attic can rise to over 150 degrees in the warmer summer months. This can lead to a range of problems. When temperatures reach that level your home’s cooling systems become overworked. These burdened systems create spikes in your energy costs. If you’ve noticed your attic is excessively hot, call an expert roofer to check your home’s ventilation. Nipping these problems in the bud can save you money in the long-run.

Roof Damage

When your roof isn’t adequately ventilated, moisture can build up quickly in your attic. Moisture gets pruned from your attic through ventilation channels within the structure of your roof. Your roof’s health depends on a healthy airflow from the outside. When a buildup of moisture goes untreated in your attic, structural problems become more likely. 

Additionally, moisture buildup often promotes mold and fungus growth. Mildew growth can cause your attic’s structure to start to rot or decay. The moisture can also cause nails to rust and further cause the degradation of your roof. The problems only continue from here.  

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