4 Reasons to Call a Roofer in New Orleans This Winter

While harsh winters aren’t something you typically see in South Louisiana, wintertime can still bring problems. Homeowners must watch for possible dangers to their roofs during this time of year. Calling a roofer in New Orleans while issues are still minor and easy to handle is vital. Ignoring small roofing problems may cause the health of your roof to decline as concerns snowball.

But with the help of a roofer, your New Orleans roof can stay in top health throughout the winter. Here are four reasons you might need the help of a professional rooferlike Ryson Roofing

1. Problems Maintaining Heat? Call a Roofer in New Orleans

Trouble with your insulation can create many problems, especially during the colder months. Damaged insulation makes it difficult for your home to contain heat within the home. Due to this, your bills will likely spike as your home retains less heat at a higher cost.

One way to check for damaged insulation is to go into the attic and feel for cold temperatures that may be seeping into your home. Heat is likely leaking out if cold air is getting into the house. Call a roofer from a trusted New Orleans company like Ryson Roofing at the first sign of insulation damage.  

2. Be Cautious of Mold and Mildew

As mentioned previously, keeping the heat sealed inside with your insulation is essential during the winter. However, trapping moisture in your attic can cause mold and mildew to grow. If there is one thing South Louisiana winter brings, it’s damp winter storms. It is crucial to double-check that your vents are allowing moisture to escape to prevent possible build-up. 

In addition to causing damage to your home, mildew and mold endanger the health of residents. With that in mind, homeowners should always check on the condensation in their attic between winter storms.  

3. Look for Incorrectly Hung Holiday Lights

Outdoor holiday lights brighten the winter season. Unfortunately, this seasonal tradition can also cause significant damage to your roof if hung incorrectly. It may be tempting to cut corners on such a strenuous task to save energy and time. But improper installation may cause unwanted future problems that require much more time, money, and effort. 

Instead of damaging your roof by nailing down lights, opt for light clips made to clip lights to gutters and eaves. Using nails can create tiny holes in the shingles and structure of your roof. These small holes can quickly cause large problems to develop due to the humidity and rapidly changing temperatures of South Louisiana. 

However, suppose you or a previous homeowner did not take these precautions. In that case, we recommend calling a professional roofer to assess the damages. The longer a roof problem goes untreated, the more intense the situation can become. Just because it started as small nail holes doesn’t mean it can’t quickly become a large and expensive problem. 

4. We May Miss Out On Snow and Sleet, but Watch Out for Hail Damage

South Louisiana is not a stranger to hail storms. Admittedly, hailstorms are more common during warmer months during heavy summer storms, but they are not unheard of during the winter. These seemingly small balls of ice can cause massive roof damage in mere minutes. And often, this damage comes without warning. 

The speed of the hail hitting your shingles can be like a bullet. On contact, the hail creates a dent in the shingle, leaving the shingle compromised. Depending on the size and force of the hail, your shingle can crack and break off entirely. 

The worst part? Hail damage will likely cause similar cracks and dents on nearby shingles. As a result, a healthy roof can become riddled with tiny damages in just one winter storm. 

With the help of a professional roofer in New Orleans, you can handle hail damage before it worsens into a more significant issue. Additionally, roofing companies can help  reinforce your roof with hail-resistant shingles.  

Call Ryson Roofing This Winter

Ryson Roofing has serviced the roofs of South Louisiana for decades. Since 1992, our team has provided the service your homes can rely on for every season. To help encourage roof safety, we offer free inspections. So practice roof safety this winter and call a roofer from Ryson Roofing in New Orleans. You can contact us at (504) 667-2386 or send us a message online. Don’t wait for problems to snowball—call us today.