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Roof Ventilation and It’s Importance

Roof Ventilation Important

Why is Proper Roof Ventilation Important? | Ryson Roofing

So what’s in your attic? For most of us our attics are nothing more than a place to store our excess stuff. We cram boxes of collectibles, Christmas decorations and whatever else we can think to store in our attics. And while this seems quite harmless, on the contrary an abundance of items in the attic can stop the air flow from properly ventilating the attic space. That brings me back to our question, “Why is proper roof ventilation important?

The Roofing System

When your roof was designed, a lot of thought went into the ventilation system. Today most roof ventilation systems are wind driven and non-powered. To effectively take the high volume of air movement needed to properly ventilate your roof, a design has to incorporate a balance between intake and exhaust vents. In general, the net-free area of intake venting should be equal to or greater than the net-free area of exhaust venting. Net-free area is the total unobstructed area through which air can enter or exit a vent, measured in square inches. And when you stack a bunch of boxes in the attic you obstruct the natural design of the air flow that has an important purpose of ventilating your attic space.

So Why Is Roof Ventilation So Important?

During hot months the sun beams down on the roof and the heat is absorbed into the attic. If your roof does not have proper roof ventilation this heat will affect your air conditioner and other appliances forcing them to work harder and increasing your energy bill. Effective ventilation will keep the home cooler in the summer and lower your energy bills.

In the winter months proper roof ventilation is also important. When the temperatures are cold outside many of the activities in the home create warm vapors that travel into the attic. Activities such as cooking, bathing, doing laundry can all create warm vapors. When these vapors meet with the cold roofing material in the attic condensation occurs and can moisten the insulation. Once insulation gets wet it can turn into mold and very bad air quality in your home.

Good ventilation also allows your roofing material to breathe better and it prolong the life of your shingles.


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