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February Showers?

Roof Leak Inspection

Roof Leak Inspection | Baton Rouge Roofers

We have all heard the saying, “April showers bring May flowers”. Well what do February showers bring? This has been a super wet February and it looks like its only going to keep raining. And although we prefer the rain to stop its a good opportunity to have a roof leak inspection. Initially, you can perform a roof leak inspection on your own. It starts by you physically going into your attic with a good flashlight during a rain storm. You can point the light at all of the corners and peaks. If you spot any wetness whatsoever you have water penetrating through your roofing system and you will need to have a professional come out and perform a complete roof inspection. Ryson Roofing located in Baton Rouge and New Orleans offers free roof inspections to help you identify if any issues exist with your roof.

Why The Sudden Roof Leak?

You may assume that your roof leak appeared suddenly. And in some cases this may be true. A leak could have been caused by a number of things. We find that it is very common for a roof leak to begin months before you actually see wetness in the interior of your home. Performing a roof leak inspection periodically will help to lessen the chances of a leak doing a lot of damage. Its early detection that is the key. Most roof leaks begin when hail or strong wing remove some of the granules of the asphalt shingles. When the granules are removed the actual shingle does not have adequate protection against the elements. So hot and cold weather will make the shingle stretch and compact and eventually crack. This allows water to slowly seep into your home and you have a roof leak.

Get a FREE Roof Inspection

At Ryson Roofing we understand the importance of having your roof inspected at least every five years to prevent damage from becoming a huge problem. To help homeowners we developed our free roof inspection. Call us today and schedule your roof leak inspection and let our professional roofers make sure that your roof has not been compromised.


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