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roof estimatesThere is a big difference between roof estimates and roof inspections. Often times we get requests for roof estimates when the homeowner actually needs a roof inspection. Normally, you want to receive a roof estimate if you have already identified issues with your roof. For example you see missing shingles and you are looking for a company to come in and give you a roof estimate on the cost to repair. A roof estimate may also include the cost for a complete roof replacement especially if the homeowner is already aware that this cost will be out of pocket. When it comes to roof estimates there are a couple of issues:

  1. Low Bids: Sometimes roofing contractors are in need of work and in an attempt to land work they place low bids. Whenever you get a bid much lower than the average you can just about guarantee that corners will be cut somewhere. A low bid is not always a good thing, so beware of low bidders.
  2. Inadequate: When a roofer comes out to do a roof estimate they are going to provide you with what you ask for. Usually they just want to give you an estimate for the work you have requested , do the work and collect their money. Seldom do you find that local roofers will go beyond the roof estimate and look for evidence of other damage that may hinder them from getting the work.
  3. You are not a roof inspector: Most homeowners only call for a roof estimate when issues have become very noticeable. They see a leak and they call for an inspection to fix the leak. If the wrong roofer shows up for the inspection, the homeowner may get their leak fixed but the underlyning problem may still exist.

Roof Estimates or Roof Inspections

There are several advantages to having a roof inspection as opposed to a roof estimate. For starters a roof inspection is designed to identify if any issues with your roof exist that may warrant filing a claim with your insurance company. This type of roof inspection is performed by a professional insurance roof adjuster that knows the laws that govern the roof insurance claim industry. You may srat out thinking you need a repair that will cost you a couple thousand dollars and after an inspection discover that you qualify for an entire roof replacement where your only out of pocket expense is your insurance deducatable. Call Ryson Roofing today and allow our team of professionals to service your roof estimates need.

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