How To Get Rid of Roof Condensation | Ryson Roofing

Most people do not spend a lot of time thinking about their roof. That is until the day you look at your ceiling and see water spots, then suddenly your roof becomes much more into focus. Water spots on your ceiling do not necessarily mean your roof is leaking. In fact, a common cause especially in colder months is condensation. When temperatures begin to decrease many homeowners will notice moisture in the attic. Often times this is caused when the humidity level in the home is higher than the humidity level outdoors. A buildup of condensation will certainly leak onto your attic floor and eventually seep through to the ceiling of the room underneath. Condensation issues are common and can be easily fixed. If you go into your attic early in the morning and see a layer of frost on the underside of the plywood, it’s more than likely condensation. As the temperatures outside rise the frost will melt and leak onto the attic floor. Another common cause of condensation is warm air rising in the home, when this warm air comes in contact with the cold roof, condensation occurs.

A good solution for this problem is to make sure the roof is properly ventilated. If the humidity has a chance to escape, you will not get condensation. We all know hot air rises and in the winter time your goal is to keep the warm air inside your home. So there is a real balance for proper ventilation that will keep the warm air in yet enough of it out to release the humidity. To learn more about roof ventilation keep reading our blogs. We will be writing on that subject soon.

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