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Residential Re-Roofing in Baton Rouge | Roofers

Residential Re-Roofing here in Baton Rouge is a skilled service trade with many governing requirements designed to protect the public and ensure that you hire a qualified company with a track record of successful completed projects and satisfied home owners. Often times it can become difficult to choose the right residential re-roofing company and doing a general search online doesn’t always suffice. Here are some considerations when choosing a residential re-roofing company.

  1. Search for scams: Sometimes searching the company name along with the word scam or scams can help you to find if anyone anywhere ever complained about the specific company through a scam website. When preforming this search, keep in mind that there are certainly frivolous or completely false complaints and accusations. Do your homework and seek out how the company handled the complaint. It says a lot about a company when they are willing to quickly correct and error.
  2. BBB: Go to the Better Business Bureau’s website and search out the company name, address and or phone number. This will allows you to locate any other companies that may be affiliated with the same address and or phone number. If the company is accredited with the BBB and has a good rating, that is a big plus.
  3. Do a job-site drive by: Call the local office and request an address or two of current or previous job sites. Take your time and drive by the locations to visually inspect the level of work.
  4. Get list of references: The company should have no problem providing you with a list of satisfied customers who you may call and inquire about their experience with the said company.
  5. Physical Location: Its important that the company have a physical location. Roofing companies that are capable of investing in themselves are committed to their trade and committed to their customers. they will not be here today and gone tomorrow.

Ryson Roofing Baton Rouge

Here in Baton Rouge you can depend on the local roofing experts. For your residential roofing needs or your commercial roofing needs, Ryson Roofing is a great choice that stands behind great work and superior service. Call Ryson Roofing today and schedule your free roof inspection.

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