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Why Re-Roof?

Why Re-Roof

Why Re-Roof? | Re-Roof Contractors Baton Rouge

Re-Roof contractors Baton Rouge is not something you hear on a daily basis. In fact although the word re-roof seems like not a word at all, the Oxford Dictionary defines reroof (without the dash) Provide (a building) with a new or substantially repaired roof. So there you have it folks, we are not making this stuff up. The word reroof is a real word and it means to roof again. So when do you need a reroof?

It is common to reroof for the following reasons:

  1. Your roof has reached its useful life and has started to leak.
  2. A storm has hit your area and you noticed shingles laying in your yard.
  3. A storm has hit your area and you noticed small dings on your gutters or window screens.
  4. You are noticing more and more asphalt granules in your gutters.
  5. You simply want to change or upgrade your roof for aesthetic reasons

Re-Roofing Baton Rouge

In the state of Florida the insurance companies began demanding roof replacement on any roofs older than 15 years. Yikes, that’s a lot of roofs!! Insurance companies decided to be proactive and protect themselves. You see, insurance companies know that 15 year old roofs are not installed to current code requirements. They are claiming that your roof could blow off in a wind event (e.g. Hurricane Charley in 2004) if it is not installed to current code. Here in Baton Rouge that Florida theory makes sense although we have not seen a demand for roof replacement by the insurance companies. The action taken by insurance companies in Florida certainly indicates that as homeowners we also need to be proactive and protect our investments by making sure that our roofs are not compromised and in good working order. We can begin this process by scheduling a free roof inspection. Should you decide that If re-roofing is inevitable for you then you will certainly be on the hunt for a good re-roof contractors Baton Rouge. If this is the case then you will certainly want to speak with Ryson Roofing who are trustworthy professionals in the local roofing industry. Call us first, you’ll be glad you did.


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