Tarp on a roofing project.

Roof Maintenance Baton Rouge

Roof maintenance and roof inspections. How important are they? It’s ironic that the part of your home or building that protects all other parts and contents is commonly the least you think about, at least not until you have a leak to deal with. If you have ever had a roof leak, and have experienced the repair process, you usually get accustomed to frequently looking up at your ceiling after a good downpour. But, when things seem to be going well up there, you don’t give it a second thought. Well, you should. You should have your roof inspected at least once a year. No matter whether you have a shingle roof, metal roof, flat roof, tile roof, or whatever. At least once a year! By having your roof inspected at least once a year you can stay ahead of any unknown issues that may arise.

Roof Inspection First

Some people feel that a good roof maintenance plan is all you need. In some areas of the country this may be true. Here in Louisiana however, the weather is so volatile and unpredictable that often times roof maintenance is a waste of money. No amount of maintenance will prevent hail from hitting your roofing shingles or wind from tearing them right off of your roof. Therefore, we recommend to skip the roof maintenance and go straight to the roof inspection. There are good reasons why getting the roof inspection first makes sense. A thorough roof inspection will identify if any problems exist that will not be addressed the standard roof maintenance. having the roof inspected first allows you to truly hone in on the main problem and not waste any dollars on issues that don’t exist.

FREE Roof Inspection

A good roofing company will inspect your roof at no cost to you. A roof inspection needs to be performed by a qualified individual with experience in storm damage in our area. Ryson Roofing is the perfect choice. We have roof inspectors that are familiar with insurance adjusting and can quickly identify if problems exist. Call Ryson First and save yourself time and money. We will come out and inspect your roof for free.

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