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Local shingle roofing contractors have recently been in high demand. Most years, just before spring begins, we experience hail. Hail is common during this time of year because the changing climate creates the perfect storm for hail. As warm winds come up from the south and meet with the cool winds from the north you get whats called a front. This front is a low pressure  zone that  can cause serious storms. Warm air tends to cool as it reaches higher elevations, the liquid in the air, “yes air has liquid” condenses and forms clouds and rain. Late winter early spring is very common for severe thunderstorms and hail because of this specific occurrence. Thus recently all the demand for local shingle roofing contractors. Understanding that hail can occur in a low pressure zone is easy to grasp. Its still pretty cold in the evenings and certainly cold up north. But why does it hail in the summer?

Hail Storms in the Summer

When you think of summer, you think hot. When you think of hail you think cold. “Right?” hail and summer don’t go together at all. So why does it hail in the summer time? Well to get a good understanding of why this occurs we need to first understand how hail forms. Hail forms when strong currents of rising air, known as updrafts, carry droplets of water high enough that they freeze.  Because of the distance in rise, it takes time for an updraft to become very strong. And as it grows strong it accumulates more liquid and becomes larger. And once hail is a certain size it can reach the ground. During early summer months, hail begins its origin in the warm summer air where surface temperatures are warm enough to promote the instability associated with strong thunderstorms and the upper atmosphere temperatures are cold enough to begin freezing the air.

Ryson Roofing

When hail or winds storms pass through our area we need to make sure we have our roofs inspected. By being proactive and having our roofs inspected we can avoid many costly repairs that will result if you have damage left without resolution. Call Ryson today to schedule your free roof inspection. We are Baton Rouge Roofing Companies.

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