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When it comes to roof warranties, every roofing product manufacturer is going to have a different warranty. Also, the company installing your roof is going to offer a warranty in addition to the manufacturers warranty. This type of warranty is usually known as the workmanship warranty and is backed by the roofing company themselves. The warranties offered by the manufacturer are backed by the manufacturing company of the specific type of roofing material you chose for your roof. Warranties vary and some can cover labor and materials while others may only cover materials. Certain warranties are transferable, while others only cover the current homeowner and, of course, the length of the warranty varies. When choosing roofing material ask questions about the warranty. Its best to have a good understanding of your roofing material warranty before you have your roof installed. 

What Voids a Warranty

Like roofing material warranties differ, what it takes to void a warranty also differ. here are a few of the most common ways to void your roof material warranty:
1. Poor Roof Ventilation: Poor ventilation causes moisture and heat to get trapped in your attic. When your attic gets hot, your shingles get hot and deteriorate faster.  
2. Moss/Algae: Many roofing shingle manufacturers will void the warranty if algae or moss exist on your roof. Its important to keep your roof clean.
3. Pressure Washing: To get rid of moss, some homeowners choose to pressure wash their roof. Pressure washing your roof at a high setting can void the roof warranty because your roofing asphalt shingles are not designed to withstand the effects of close-range pressure washing.
4. Satellite Dishes: Installing a satellite dish can effect a portion of your roof warranty. Installing a satellite may void the portion of your warranty that covers leaking since drilling holes into a roof makes it more susceptible to leaks. 
5. Improper Roof Installation: many areas have strict guidelines to proper roof installation for that specific area. Roofing codes vary and if your roof was not installed according to your areas’ code, that could certainly void your roofing material warranty.
Avoid voiding your warranty by hiring a qualified local roofing contractor. Ryson Roofing has been roofing the Baton Rouge area for over 24 years and has a A+ rating with the BBB. Call Ryson today and make sure your roof replacement goes according to plan.