Trust your Hammond roofer to care for your hail damage needs!

With our hot Louisiana weather, one of the few weather patterns to never grace our minds is usually snow and hail. But just because the weather is warm, it doesn’t mean hail won’t make the random, sudden house call. But why is that? And what can you do when Mother Nature decides to throw a curveball at us? If you think some bad weather has caused your roof to get any damage, you need the right Hammond roofer. Get in touch with Ryson Roofing when you need help and better understand how hail works, even in Louisiana.

Wait, What Causes Hail Anyways?

We all know what causes snow, right? Even for those of us who have always been in our hot Louisiana climate. But what causes hail if we can experience it at any time of the year? It’s pieces of ice, so shouldn’t it be as simple as snow? Well, no. There’s actually a pretty simple science as to how this happens! 

Hail is made in thunderstorms but isn’t the same as frozen raindrops. Frozen rain is liquid till it’s close to the ground. Hail falls as a solid. As a drop begins to fall, it’s pushed back up by the wind and freezes in the colder air high above. As it falls again, more water attaches and gets pushed back up and freezes. Once it’s too heavy, the hailstone finally falls to the ground. This rapid freezing causes the ice to be hard as a rock instead of soft like snow. It can also be difficult for these to melt by the time they get to the ground, which is why we can get them even in the hot summer months in Louisiana. Albeit, very rarely. 

How We Can Help at Ryson Roofing

We know the weather can be kind of crazy here in Louisiana. And it’s important to be on guard even as the storm season for the year comes to a close. So if you think you may have roof issues, it’s good to call in a professional. But what can the specialists at Ryson do for your needs?

No matter if you have a commercial or residential roof, Ryson Roofing has you covered with our services and skills. If you’ve just gone through a light hailstorm, perhaps the only service you need is a quick roof repair. On the other hand, if it’s been a few years of battering, mildew, and other damages, the extent of the issues might call for a total roof replacement. But if you aren’t sure of the extent or cost, give us a call for an estimate! We can begin your repairs soon. 

Need Help From a Trustworthy Hammond Roofer?

When it comes to your roof, you need someone who has the skills and experience to keep your home safe. Even when Mother Nature comes knocking on your shingles. Contact us as your trusted Hammond roofer from one of our locations and see what we can do for you. You can also send us your questions online and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.