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Don’t Choose The Lowest Bid!

Don’t Choose The Lowest Bid

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Just about anywhere you live in the country, you can easily find a local roofer. And for many reasons most of us agree that choosing a local roofer is usually the best choice for your roof. I personally live in Baton Rouge and Baton Rouge roofing companies are super plentiful. It seems like every day I see a different truck advertising a different Baton Rouge roofing company. These companies pop up like weeds. In the roofing industry we call most of these guys, “Chuck in a truck.” And its true we all started somewhere and there certainly may be a good Chuck in a truck out there that is growing his business. You just have to be sure to choose the right one.

Let The Underbidding Begin

Many of these roofers are desperate for work and are out trying to under bid one another. And in most industries the cheaper bid is not a good choice. Good Baton Rouge roofing companies know that the price of materials and the price of labor is pretty consistent. In addition you always have to consider the unknown. Once you tear off the shingles then you can truly identify whether the roofing underlayment needs to be replaced. Or are there any issues that were not visible while the shingles were in place? I have witnessed roofer walk away from jobs that they had simply underbid. And once a problem arose they did not have the resources to see the issue resolved. Here are some points a low bid usually means:

  • Cheaper quality materials
  • They try to leave the underlayment in place
  • Cut corners to compensate the low bid
  • Not able to honor warranty
  • Insufficient resources to complete the job properly.
  • Higher risk to the homeowner

Here at Ryson Roofing our prices are not the lowest, but our work is high quality. We do what we say and we do it right. Don’t take the risk just to save a few bucks. get your roof done by the roofing experts. Get your roof done by Ryson Roofing.


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