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Attention Roof Consumer!

Attention Roof Consumer

Here Is Your Do’s and Don’ts List for Baton Rouge Roofing

Lately, we have had a lot of people ask us for a guideline to choosing the right contractor. I guess after a period of time, working consistently to build a good reputation, you become a source of good trustworthy information. Ultimately, we want you to protect your family and your home by making sure you have a solid and dependable roof system. Our goal is to inform you with tips based on our own experience, to help you make good choices for yourself when it comes to choosing a roofing contractor or any type of contractor. We have heard and witnessed many people with terrible experiences after choosing the wrong contractor. There are some commonalities when I hear these horror stories. In the end, you work hard for your money and can not afford to throw it away by choosing the wrong contractor. Here are some tips that can help you make a good choice:

  1. Don’t make any assumptions: Do not assume that you are on the same page with your roofing contractor. Make sure you are on the same page by writing down all details discussed and making sure those specific details are in your contract. Like in carpentry, there is a saying, “measure twice cut once. When choosing a contractor, go over all colors, type of material, and specifically requested details numerous times.
  2. Research: Do your research first. When doing your research look at multiple sources. Today there are many places where contractors are reviewed. Look at the Facebook page of the roofing contractor, What are people saying about the specific contractor on Facebook. Do the same for Google + and the Better Business Bureau. Once the contractor passes your online research criteria, call the roofing contractor and meet in person.
  3. Appearance: Some people may think that looking at the appearance of the contractor is a little on the judgmental side. I don’t agree. You are risking your hard earned dollars when you choose a roofing contractor, so you need to be certain that your probability for a successful job is high. When I look at the appearance of a roofing contractor, I look for signs of success. This is important because not all roofers can afford to replace every roof. When replacing a roof or any contract job for that matter, it requires that the contractor have some skin in the game and make an investment that often times exceeds the deposit received. Can the roofing contractor you choose stomach the expenses while finishing your project as they wait for their final payment.
  4. Location: Personally, I think it is very important that the contractor I choose to perform work has a public office. Somewhere outside of their own home where they operate their business from. having a physical location is a good sign. It demonstrates a certain level of success and a commitment to the business.
  5. Low Ball No No: Never choose a bid that is substantially lower than all other estimates. Roofing contractors like all contractors have to account for the unforeseen. The low baller will on most occasions have to end up cutting corners in order to squeeze the job into the budget he has sold. This never works well in favor of the homeowner.

Utilize these tips and reduce the chances of a contractor taking advantage of you. Dishonest people come in all shapes, sizes, and colors so do your research and choose a reputable company. When choosing a roofing contractor in southeastern Louisiana, choose Ryson Roofing.


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