Signs Your Baton Rouge Roof Is Due for a Roof Replacement

Roofs age and live out their lifespan just like we do. No matter how many prolonging measures you take, replacing your roof will inevitably become necessary. The material of your roof plays an enormous factor in the longevity of your roof, but no roof lasts forever. Roofing experts estimate roofs roughly last around 25 years. As your Baton Rouge roof’s health declines, the signs of an incoming roof replacement appear. It’s a good rule of thumb to stay alert for these signs before they cause problems. 

1. Granules in the Gutter

Shingles are made up of granules from crushed minerals. As your roof ages, granules will break off and shed. This is a sign of your shingles deteriorating. If you look in your gutter and notice granules, it’s probably time to have your roof inspected for a replacement. 

2. Red Flags in the Attic That Call For Baton Rouge Roof Replacement

If you are having concerns about the health of your roof, travel up to your attic with a flashlight at your side. Scan the attic for any signs of a leak such as streaks, stains, or damp possessions. The smell of mildew also points to water damage. Water damage can not only damage the structure of the building but also cause illness for the people within. If you are feeling symptoms from a possible mold infestation, you can do an at-home mold test. Another sign of an impending roof replacement in Baton Rouge to look for in your attic are beams of light shining through the ceiling. Sunshine should be enjoyed everywhere, but rays of light in your attic mean you should call your repair specialists as soon as possible! 

3. Cracks in the Flashing

Flashing seals the openings around vents, windows, and chimneys. It keeps rain outside where it belongs. Examine your flashing for any cracks that could lead to leaks. Don’t let brewing storms rain into your home and cause you trouble. 

4. A Droopy, Patchy Roof Is a Bad Roof

Storms can blow shingles away, leaving vulnerable patches on your roof. Since your roof acts as part of your home’s armor, you don’t want it filled with holes opening you up for potential damages. Shingles should be flat against the roof while covering the surface neatly. If your notice the roof of your Baton Rouge home is sagging, there is no question that you need a roof replacement. It is vital to get ahead of the damage before it gets any worse. 

5. Unwanted Landscaping

Sometimes red flags are actually green. While landscaping can give a location a beautiful makeover, your roof should remain plant free. Moss and other things of that nature are a warning sign of possible trapped moisture. Fixing roof growths cosmetically is only a short-term solution if you don’t address the source of the issue. 

Have You Noticed Any of These Warning Signs? Ryson Roofing Can Help

If you notice any of these signs with your Baton Rouge roof, it may be time for a roof replacement. You can trust Ryson Roofing with your roof replacement. For over 30 years, we have served Louisiana communities with our quality roof care. Our beaming customer reviews and an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau stem from our passionate work ethic and values. If you aren’t sure your roof needs replacing, you can schedule a free roof inspection with us today. Call us at 225-756-8603 or message us online. Putting off a roof replacement rarely ends without regrets or damages, so make the call as soon as possible.