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roofing baton rougeRoofing Baton Rouge has certainly come a long way and if you look back in time roofing in itself has also come a long way. If you think about it, we can credit the roof for allowing our ancestors to move out of caves. It was the capability for man to protect himself from the weather and animals that allowed man to seek refuge outside of caves. Early roofs were made of branches, leaves, twigs and mud. We attribute the mud or clay roofs to tribes from Arizona and New Mexico. The ability to prevent water from entering a dwelling has always been a roof’s main purpose. As framing with wood entered the scene, roofs were able to be constructed in a slope design allowing water to simply run off. When sturdier masonry came into the picture it allowed for the development of roofs with a less pitch. Today we even construct flat roofs in any area of the country even the wettest areas. Roofing materials today are advanced, waterproof and can last a lifetime. (Read More)

Roofing Baton Rouge

Roofing Baton Rouge has always remained pretty consistent. There are many types of roofs here in Baton Rouge and here at Ryson Roofing we are specialist at shingle roofs. On occasions we may do flat roofs and even some clay roof shingles. Our specialty however is in asphalt shingles. We have roofed some really well known commercial locations. See our Notable Projects page.

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