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Insurance Roof Restoration | BR Roofing

Ryson Roofing has helped thousands of homeowners in southeastern Louisiana file thousands of insurance claims for complete roof restoration. Normally when you hear the word restoration, you define restoration as taking something and making it “like new” again. For example, lets say you want to restore an old boat. For the purpose of our example, lets say the hull and deck are rotted and will need to be replaced. In this case the boat restoration may require finding the same specie of wood to restore the boat back to its original state. The point here is, when you’re done with such a “restoration,” much of the original boat is completely gone. It is made up of entirely new materials. Traditionally, insurance roof restoration¬†would be quite different. In the roofing industry restoration usually means NOT replacing with new materials.

Restoration or Replacement

When you are dealing with an insurance roof restoration, you will likely need to replace the roofing materials with new materials. In the roofing industry unlike our example, restoration usually means using the same materials. There are many products in the roofing industry designed to restore certain commercial roofs. Here at Ryson Roofing when we say restoration we mean complete roof replacement. For starters many roofs were shingled with a 20 year shingle that is no longer being manufactured. Insurance companies will want to “restore” your roof to “like new” condition with the same “like kind” materials. Often times we can get the insurance company to upgrade our clients by proving that the shingles used to originally install the specific roof being restored are no longer available. There are many variables to the example, Ryson Roofing has been doing insurance roof restoration for many years and knows exactly how to deal with your insurance company. Ryson Roofing can help you to identify if you have any roof damage. Call us today and schedule your free roof inspection.

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