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hail damaged roof replacementIn the roofing industry we hear a lot of talk about hail damaged roof replacement. As local roofing contractors we know that there are hidden damage resulting from hail that can cause some very expensive repairs especially if left unidentified. Hail is a culprit that damages the shingles or roofs and causes thousands of dollars in damage every year. Damage from a hail storm can lead to very slow leaks that take time to develop into something serious enough that by the time its identified it has caused major damage to the sheathing, plywood, insulation and even drywall. And when insulation gets wet it molds and that is another problem all together. So when it comes to hail, “Does size make a difference?”

Little Hail Big Problems

Insurance companies have a lot of tactics to get out of paying for your hail damaged roof replacement. One of the tactics that is sometimes used is that the hail was not big enough to have damaged the roof. On one particular situation I seen an insurance company hire an engineering firm to inspect the hail damage. The engineering firm said that there was hail damage, but the strike were from hail of only 1/2″ size. They claim that the strikes must be from hail of at least 1″ in diameter in order to damage the roof. In this case its obvious that the engineering firm was representing the insurance company. The real question is this; “Is there damage to the roof that was not there prior to the hail?” If the answer is yes, you have a legitimate claim, and the roof depending on the owners policy and coverage, should be replaced in its entirety or at least to its ‘pre-hail condition’. We know as roofing contractors that hail even the size of a pea when driven by strong wind can damage a variety of roofing systems.

Early Detection

Like most problems, early detection is the key to solving problems before they become big deals. In the case of your roof, the early solution is to call Ryson Roofing your local roofing professionals. Ryson Roofing offers a free roof inspection that will identify if you have problems that need to be addressed.

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