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roofing companies hammondHammond is a bustling town located just east of Baton Rouge. The approximately 25,000 residents keep their homes well manicured and their roofs clean of debris. Roofing companies Hammond have steady work maintaining, repairing and replacing all the southern style roofs located in Hammond Louisiana. And Ryson Roofing has been right there in the midst of all the growth providing both residential roofing and commercial roofing since 1992. Owner David Brown is a graduate of LSU and is well grounded in the area. Because of all the growth roofing companies Hammond has been in high demand. In addition to the growth the area has seen some pretty heavy storms come through during the past couple of years. Many people in Hammond search for good roofing companies Hammond in hopes of finding that one company that will do a great job at a great price with good customer service. We are proud to say that the people of Hammond have found that reliable company in Ryson Roofing. The roofing company that delivers quality every time.

Hammond Louisiana History

The city is named for Peter Hammond (1798–1870) — the surname anglicized from Peter av Hammerdal (Peter of Hammerdal) — aSwedish immigrant who first settled the area around 1818. Peter, a sailor, had been briefly imprisoned by the British at Dartmoor Prison during the Napoleonic Wars. He escaped during a prison riot, made his way back to sea, and later on arrived in New Orleans. Hammond used his savings to buy then-inexpensive land northwest of Lake Pontchartrain. There he started a plantation to cultivate trees, which he made into masts, charcoal, and other products for the maritime industry in New Orleans. He transported the goods by oxcart to the head of navigation on the Natalbany River at Springfield. He owned at least thirty slaves before the Civil War and was said to have been a kind master as well as a philanthropist. Peter Hammond lost his wealth during the war, as Union soldiersraided his property.[1] (Read More)

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