Hail Damage

Hail Damage | Storm Damage

Hailstorms occur in Southern Louisiana on a regular basis and without notice. The hidden roof damage caused by hail impact can reap havoc on your 01roof causing water damage over time.  Insurance companies would rather catch and repair the roof damage before it becomes a whole house issue with wet walls and flooring. How does hail damage your roof?

  1. Hail hits your roof and causes an indentation, weakening the integrity of the shingle.
  2. Over time the protective granules wash away, exposing the fiberglass shingle.
  3. The sun then bakes the  the fiberglass core, weakening the shingle.
  4. Water intrudes behind the compromised shingle causing a water leak.

This is how Ryson Roofing’s process works:

  1. Ryson Roofing certified professionals come out to your home and perform a free shingle inspection.
  2. The inspector will then assess the damage and make his recommendation to proceed filing a homeowners insurance claim or not.
  3. The damage assessment is explained as such:
  4. Ryson Roofing explains they will assist the homeowner with the claim process and the only out of pocket cost to the homeowner is the cost of his deductible.
  5. If homeowner agrees to proceed, then Ryson Roofing negotiates with the insurance company, makes the claim, and proceeds with shingle replacement.
  6. RESULT – Homeowner receives a new roof for the cost of his deductible -usually $500 – 2000.00  (Most roof replacements range from $15,000 – $35,000.)

It’s a fact: your roof will only last so many years. You can now replace your roof at a small fraction of the cost. Ryson Roofing spots the hail damage, makes the claim, and replaces your roof. You never pay anything more than your insurance deductible. Protect your family home. Get a Ryson Roofing inspection — just to be on the safe side. Contact us today to schedule your free inspection. Ryson Roofing: Repairing Hail Damaged Roofs in Baton Rouge and New Orleans

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